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Did you plan your passive income or secondary investment? If no, then we have the solution for you. Prepare to pamper yourself in the luxury of the best investment solution in the market to get a steady flowing income. We get you covered even for the times of economic uncertainty. We are India’s most trusted PAMM service provider.

Lay back and take a chill-pill while we make money for you. Create your PAMM account and earn your profit, even without you to trade in the market. Roll out with our unique product to hedge your bets to relish the true potential of the FOREX market.


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At any point you don’t have to transfer any funds to us. You can control your account transactions by yourself.

The most promising investment PAMM returns

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From the multiple tier 1 broker’s listed; choose your own trader for your investment.


You own your money. Deposit and withdrawn your money whenever you needed.


We provide best in the industry customer service by assisting you round the clock throughout the year.


Get your daily updates of your investment at the end of market structure with analytical eyeshot of how your money works.


All our brokers are licensed and government certified to perform trading according to the regulations.


We follow technically infused trading system to help you have the best experience with us.


We are team of passionately driven market specialist with more than decade of experience.


Track and access your account from any device anytime with our responsive and optimised structure.


We have high credibility to provide secured, valuable payment method for our investors with ease.

What is PAMM?

PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module), is a form of Forex trading that allows you to choose money managers who will trade your money and give the profit back to you after deducting a small performance fee.

In PAMM trading, your fund is 100% safe in your account as you have complete control. The best part is, you can monitor the account 24*7 and your account is handled by trustworthy market veterans who have immense experience in PAMM Forex trading.

PAMM is a secure and stable second source of income that can financially lift you up and help you live a life of freedom. In this uncertain pandemic situation, PAMM is the best way to make money and secure your financial future (your family is dependent on you).

Note: You will select the broker and invest with them. We use only 20% of your capital for trading. ONLY you have the authority to withdraw funds.

Open Challenge: Tell us a safe and stable second income source that guarantees 60% return per annum.

How PAMM Works? (Example)


Ramu is an INVESTOR like you but he doesn’t have time and trading skills.


Ramu hires Gaurav who is a TRADER/MONEY MANAGER to trade his money using PAMM.


Now, Ramu puts $2000 in his Forex trading account and allows Gaurav to trade $500 (Ramu has complete control and decides how much Gaurav should trade). Gaurav gets money from multiple investors and trades smartly with his expertise.


Let’s assume Gaurav got 60% Profit from trading. That’s $300 for Ramu. Gaurav takes 30% commission i.e. $90 and gives $210 back to Ramu.

NOTE – A trader/money manager can’t withdraw any amount from any account. So investor’s money is always safe.

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